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2021-2022 State Officer Team

This year's state officer team can't wait to see you back in Cedar Lakes! Scroll through our gallery to get to know your state officers personalities.

2020-2021 State Officer Team

The virtual state officer team had a great time planning your conference from home! Here are some headshots so you can get to know your state officers.

2019-2020 State Officer Team

This year's State Officer team cannot wait to get cracking on their duties in office! Here's some candid moments from Cedar Lakes showcasing their fun personalities.

2018-2019 State Officer Team

This year's State Officer team had a blast at their summer training.  They took several pictures around their favorite places at Cedar Lakes and wanted to give you all a peak at their fun and goofy personalities.  They can't wait to see you all at Cedar Lakes for this year's State Conference.

2017-2018 State Officer Team

Your 2017-2018 state officer team was hard at work during their summer training and took many photos to share with you! Take a moment to look through these photos to get to know your state officers' personalities.


2015-2016 State Officer Team

Your 2015-2016 State Officer team would love to share photos from their summer meeting to show you their creative and fun side and also to give you a better idea of their personalities and chemistry as a leadership team! Please take a few minutes to browse the photos and see what you think!

2014-2015 State Officer Team

This Officer Team is so excited to work with TSA towards another great year! Here are some goofy photos from their officer training in August, so feel free to check them out and get to know your officers a little more!

2013-2014 State Officer Team

Welcome back to another amazing year in our organization! This year's Officer Team is excited to get to know all of you and share in some of your interests. Check out these photos, and get to know them too!

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