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2019-2020 State Officer Team

2018-2019 State Officer Team

This years state officer team had a blast at their summer training this year.  The team took several pictures around their favorite places at Cedar Lakes and wanted to give you all a peak of their fun and goofy personalities.  They can't wait to see you all at Cedar Lakes for this years State Conference.



2017-2018 State Officer Team

Your 2017-2018 state officer team was hard at work during their summer   training, and took many photos to share with you! Take a moment to look through these photos to get to know your state officers personalities as a team.


2015-2016 State Officer Team

Your 2015-2016 state officer team would love to share photos from our summer meeting to show you our creative and fun side and also to give you a better idea of our personalities and chemistry as a leadership team! Please take a few minutes to browse the photos and see what you think!


2014-2015 State Officer Team

2013-2014 State Officer Team

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