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WV TSA strives to be connected with all our members from across the state. Have any suggestions? We'd love to hear from you and your fellow chapter members! We are always open to suggestions to better our organization.


West Virginia TSA:

P.O. Box 798
Moundsville, WV 26041

State Advisor:

Phone: (304) 639-6542

Email: wvtsaadvisor@hotmail.com

Officer Emails:

Hali DeVaughn: hrdevau1@stu.k12.wv.us

Juliana Lattea: jclatte1@stu.k12.wv.us

Morgan Payton: mbpayto1@stu.k12.wv.us

Mason Norris: manorri1@stu.k12.wv.us

Beau Thomas: bgthoma1@stu.k12.wv.us

Taylor Adkins: tbadkin2@stu.k12.wv.us


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