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Past West Virginia State Officers

Please note that some years do not have documentation of all officers and/ or photos of the officer team. If you have any additional information, please contact us via email.



1980-1981 State Officers

President: Rodney Rogerson, John Marshall HS 

1981-1982 State Officers

President: Chris Paoletti, John Marshall HS

1982-1983 State Officers

President: Steve Miller, John Marshall HS

Vice President: Brad Forbes, University HS

Secretary: Charles Ely, South JHS

Reporter: Judy Snedeker, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Brent Wilmoth, Phillip Barbour HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Julie Pyles, South JHS

1983-1984 State Officers

President: Judy Snedeker, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Brent Wilmoth, Phillip Barbour HS

Secretary: Louise Bennett, Summersville JHS

Reporter: Julie Pyles, South JHS

Treasurer: Charles Ely, South JHS

Sergeant-at-Arms: David Black, Franklin JHS

1984-1985 State Officers

President: Brent Wilmoth, Phillip Barbour HS

Vice President: Judy Snedeker, Morgantown High School

Secretary: Bill Kaiser, Phillip Barbour HS

Reporter: Kellie Shenefiel, Magnolia HS
Treasurer: Louise Bennett, Summersville JHS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Frank Overbaugh, Summersville JHS

1985-1986 State Officers

President: Charles Ely,    Morgantown HS

Vice President: Brent Wilmoth, Phillip Barbour HS

Secretary: Kellie Shenefiel, Magnolia HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Julie Pyles, South JHS


1986-1987 State Officers

President: Kellie Shenefiel, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Julie Pyle, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Gary Simmons, University HS

Reporter: Traci Morris, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Wendi Manion, Magnolia HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jamie Davenport, John Marshall HS

1987-1988 State Officers

President: Sherry Downing, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Heath Blair, University HS

Secretary: Traci Morris, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Charla Clements, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Jo Climini, Magnolia HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Brad Ray, Arch Moore VT

1988-1989 State Officers

President: Traci Morris, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Sherry Downing, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Charla Clemens, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Jo Ellen Fetty, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Jo Cimini, Magnolia HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Mark Herdman, Arch Moore VT

1989-1990 State Officers

President: Hank Burton, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Jo Cimini, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Jo Ellen Fetty, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Teri Hayes, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Matt Pyles, Tyler Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jason Phillips, University HS

1990-1991 State Officers

President: Jo Cimini, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Jo Ellen Fetty, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Teri Hayes, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Cindy Parks, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Booby Burton, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Matt Pyles, Tyler Co. HS

1991-1992 State Officers

President: Jo Ellen Fetty, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Renay Chavanak, John Marshall HS

Secretary: Cindy Parks, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Kevin Smith, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Anglea Ullery, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Kelly Lamm, Morgantown HS

1992-1993 State Officers

President: Angella Ullery, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Kevin Smith, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Brooke Davis, Winfield HS

Reporter: Kendra McBride, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Kelly Lamm, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Melissa Wells, Magnolia HS

1993-1994 State Officers

President: Kendra McBride, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Brooke Davis, Winfield HS

Secretary: Marlena Pierce, Tyler Consolidated HS

Reporter: Julie Wiles, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Wendy Thomas, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Eva Edgell, Magnolia HS

1994-1995 State Officers

President: Julie Wiles, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Kendra McBride, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Wendy Thomas, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Eva Edgell, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Chris Phillips, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Becky Armstrong, Morgantown HS

1995-1996 State Officers

President: Chris Phillips, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Roger Hanshaw, Clay Co. HS

Secretary: Shawna Long, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Lynn Harden, Wheeling Park HS

Treasurer: Tara Beatty, Valley HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Amanda Guzman, Wheeling Park HS

1996-1997 State Officers

President: Roger Hanshaw, Clay Co. HS

Vice President: Amanda Guzman, Wheeling Park HS

Secretary: Brienne Mullins, Clay Co. HS

Reporter: Cathy Hunt, Wheeling Park HS

Treasurer: Abhas Gupta, Wheeling Park HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Josh Edgell, Magnolia HS

1997-1998 State Officers

President: Brienne Mullins, Clay Co. HS

Vice President: Cathy Hunt, Wheeling Park HS

Secretary: Cody Corliss, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Jesse Browning, Clay Co. HS

Treasurer: George Lutz, Clay Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Marie Robinson, Magnolia HS

1998-1999 State Officers

President: Cody Corliss, Magnolia HS

Vice President: Monica Elkinton, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Sally Cruikshank, Clay Co. HS

Reporter: Brooke Thomas, Woodrow Wilson HS

Treasurer: John Ward, Clay Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Amanda Mull, John Marshall HS

1999-2000 State Officers

President: John Ward, Clay Co. HS

Vice President: Meagan Phillips, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Erica Ashton, John Marshall HS

Reporter: Emily Chilko, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Lindsay Cruikshanks, Clay Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Meghan Samples, Clay Co. HS

2000-2001 State Officers

President: Meagan Phillips

Vice President: John Ward, Clay Co. HS

Secretary: Meghan Samples, Clay Co. HS

Reporter: Emma Archer, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Luke Kosar, Wheeling Park HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: BJ Cook, Wheeling Park HS

2001-2002 State Officers

President: Leslie Pierson, Clay Co. HS

Vice President: Meagan Phillips, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Lindsay Legg, Clay Co. HS

Reporter: Christina Martin, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Joel Tranko, Wheeling Park HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Alex Hemmelgarn, Clay Co. HS

2002-2003 State Officers

President: Christina Martin, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Alex Hammelgarn, Clay Co. HS

Secretary: Karen Snyder, Magnolia HS

Reporter: Ross Setchell, Clay Co. HS

Treasurer: Caitlyn Davis-McDaniel, Winfield HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jimmy Nicholson, Morgantown HS

2003-2004 State Officers

President: Alex Hammelgarn, Clay Co. HS

Vice President: Karen Snyder, Magnolia HS

Secretary: Caitlyn Davis-McDaniel, Winfield HS

Reporter: John Semmens, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Ross Setchell, Clay Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Alexis Emch, Tyler Consolidated HS

2004-2005 State Officers


President: Caitlyn Davis-McDaniel, Winfield HS

Vice President: John Semmens, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Alexis Emch, Tyler Consolidated HS

Reporter: Mary Zou, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Alex Hammelgarn, Clay Co. HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Stephen Stolzenberg, Morgantown HS

2005-2006 State Officers


President: Mary Zou, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Ali Zahalka, Morgantown HS

Secretary: John Whisler, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Stephanie Bridgeman, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Amanda Shaver, Valley HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Kim Kimble, Magnolia HS

2006-2007 State Officers

President: Ali Zahalka, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Amanda Shaver, Valley HS

Secretary: Alexis Emch, Magnolia Hs

Reporter: Kim Kimble, Magnolia HS

Treasurer: Stephen Semmens, Magnolia HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: John Whisler, Morgantown HS

2007-2008 State Officer

President: Kim Kimble, Tyler Consolidated HS

Vice President: Stephen Semmens, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Emily Haslebahcer, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: Emily Coffield, John Marshall HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Rachel Hoffman, Magnolia HS

2008-2009 State Officers

President: Stephen Semmens, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Emily Haslebacher, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Katey Dancy, John Marshall HS

Treasurer: Lyndsay Sell, Valley HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Breanna Nolan, Valley HS

2009-2010 State Officers

President: Katey Dancy, John Marshall, HS

Vice President: Breanna Nolan, Valley HS

Secretary: Katie Pszczolkowski, John Marshall HS

Reporter: Melissa Haslebacher, South MS

Treasurer: Sarah Nicholson, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Chris Gay, Morgantown HS


2010-2011 State Officers

President: Katie Pszczolkowski, John Marshall HS

Vice President: Chris Gay, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Kristin Holmes, John Marshall HS

Reporter: Zach Barkley, Philip Barbour

Treasurer: Katie Haught, Magnolia

Sergeant-at-Arms: Melissa Haslebacher, Morgantown HS



2011-2012 State Officers

President: Kristin Holmes, John Marshall HS

Vice President: Melissa Haslebacher, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Maxy Jones, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Jayde VanRiper, South MS

Treasurer: Garrett Wotring, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Megan Holcomb, Clay Co. HS

2012-2013 State Officers

President: Christa Callangelo, Wheeling Park HS

Vice President: Holly Cogar, Clay Co. MS

Secretary: Samantha Berry, John Marshall HS

Reporter: Megan Chacalos, Wheeling Park HS

Treasurer: Melia Paige Smith, John Marshall HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Seth Porter, Wheeling Park HS

2013-2014 State Officers

President: Samanthat Berry, John Marshall HS

Vice President: Megan Chacalos, Wheeling Park HS

Secretary: Sarah Haslebacher, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Christina Shamblin, Clay Co. HS

Treasurer: Maxy Jones, Morgantown HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Amanda Mayo, Magnolia HS

2014-2015 State Officers

President: Megan Chacolas, Wheeling Park HS

Vice President: Maxy Jones, Morgantown HS

Secretary: Christina Shamblin, Capital HS

Treasurer: Rachel Murphy, Morgantown HS

Reporter: Caleb Kisamore, Morgantown HS

Sergeant -at- Arms: Maquire Glass, Warwood MS


2015-2016 State Officers

President: Rachel Murphy, Morgantown HS

Vice President: Colton Ring. Valley HS

Secretary: Haley Jones, Clay HS

Treasurer: Autumn Elliot, Philip Barbour HS

Reporter: Seth Stover, Clay HS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Emily Morton, Clay HS


2016-2017 State Officers

President: Seth Stover, Clay HS

Vice President: Ian Smith, Clay HS

Secretary: Beryl Hay, Morgantown HS

Treasurer: David Tanner, Clay HS

Reporter: Tailynn Varney, Clay MS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Dulcie Hanson, John Marshall HS


2017-2018 State Officers

President: Ely Osborne, Clay HS

Vice President: Dulcie Hanson, John Marshall HS

Secretary: Tailynn Varney, Clay HS

Treasurer: Brittany Smith, John Marshall HS

Reporter: Caleb Atha , Clay MS

Sergeant-at-Arms: Katie Payne, Clay HS

2018-2019 State Officers

President: Jocelyn Prado, Hundred HS

Vice President: Tailynn Varney, Clay HS

Secretary: Sydney Smith, Tyler Consolidated HS

Treauser: Caleb Atha, Clay HS

Reporter: Hunter Jones, Clay HS

Seargent-at-Arms: Alex Williams, Morgatown HS

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