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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a New Chapter

Why to start a chapter?


Perhaps the most important benefit of TSA membership is the inspiration and enthusiasm that students gain from receiving recognition for applying their knowledge. Demonstrating skills in a forum beyond school walls motivates students, especially when there is a large, like-minded audience of peers who support them. Other benefits include:

  • Enhance technological literacy and leadership skills
  • Work on complex activities from start to finish
  • Compete on local, state and national levels
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Meet and work with business and industry leaders
  • Attend organized meetings
  • Network with students and teachers with similar interests from all over the United States
  • Contribute time and effort to a national service project
  • Receive national membership services, including the online TSA newsletter, School Scene,
  • Receive recognition through TSA’s honor society, scholarships and achievement programs
  • Have a voice in a national organization that is helping to shape the future of technology education



TSA Chapter Advisors:


As a chapter advisor, you have the following duties:


  • Take the initiative in establishing a TSA chapter.
  • Be knowledgeable about TSA and its goals, purposes, structure, constitution, ceremonies, typical activities, etc.
  • Be familiar with the procedures for affiliation with the state and national organization. 
  • See that the membership dues are collected and processed promptly at the beginning of the school year to ensure full service to all members. 
  • Keep the school administration, faculty, and community informed of chapter activities.
  • See that chapter meetings are conducted on a regular basis.
  • Advise members and committees on problems and activities.
  • Encourage participation in state and national conferences.
  • Help students prepare for leadership activities and participation at all levels of competition. 



Organizing Your Chapter:



An enthusiastic membership, an interested advisor, a dedicated team of officers, and a cooperative administration are all important factors in making a strong TSA chapter. The following are suggested steps in starting a chapter in your school:


  • Become familiar with TSA’s goals and purposes. 

  • Contact the State Advisor and Officers for additional information and assistance. 

  • Appoint a small committee of students willing to work on establishing the chapter. 

  • Visit other TSA chapters for ideas, suggestions, and assistance in starting your chapter. 

  • Conduct a membership campaign with flyers, posters, and announcements.. 

  • Hold your first chapter meeting to introduce students to TSA.  Have refreshments and show "What is TSA?" PowerPoint.

  • Establish a regular meeting schedule.

  • Elect or appoint chapter officers. 

  • Affiliate with the state and national organizations by sending appropriate forms and individual or chapter fees. 

  • During your second meeting, plan your calendar of activities for the year.



More Info


If you're interested in more fundraising ideas, membership recruitment, and tsa involvement in the community; please visit the national website :)




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