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Minecraft Realm

Your state team has created an awesome Minecraft world for WV TSA members to enjoy and interact with. When students were asked what they enjoyed most about state conference they stated the would miss meeting new friends and playing games.  Caleb talked about the basketball court, Shelby and Pepper mentioned new friends in the cabin. So, we created a place for everyone to come together and play during our conference.

How to play along with the state officers and other WV TSA Members as we spend the week in state conference:


1.    Download the Minecraft: Education Edition  (we used this version as it is free to everyone!!!! Students use your Office 365 email account. )   


2.    Log in learn the controls and then join us in the world we have created.  


3.    The codes will be released nightly and the state officers and others will be in to hang out and allow us to  Bring the Realms Together for our Virtual Conference.


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